Petersallee is located in the so-called Afrikanisches Viertel (african quarter) and was named in 1939 for Carl Peters (1856 – 1918), known in Tanzania as mkono wa damu (Swahili for bloody hand). 

Peters, whose violent excesses became known to the German public, traveled to Africa in 1884 with the “Gesellschaft für deutsche Kolonisation” (Society for German Colonization) which he initiated in order to acquire land near Kilimanjaro during  questionable negotiations. “Hänge-Peters” established the colony “German East Africa” (today’s Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda) by fraud and violence. And as a Reichskommissar he established a reign of terror in the Kilimanjaro region from 1891 to 1895.

Status of the Renaming

The Wedding district council decided in 2019 the renaming of the southern part of the Petersallee (between Windhuker Straße and Nachtigalplatz) into Maji-Maji-Allee. The name Maji-Maji is intended to commemorate the struggle for liberation between 1905 and 1907 in the colony of “German East Africa”. The name  Maji-Maji is derived from the battle cry of the native population. The northern part of Petersallee (between Nachtigalplatz and Müllerstraße) will be renamed Anna-Mungunda-Allee . Mungunda (1932 – 1959) was a Herero  and was shot for her contribution to the independence movement in Namibia.